7 amazing hacks to stay healthy at your workplace

We all know how difficult a 9-5 job can be. Especially if you are trying to maintain your fitness and health along with it. The majority of you might be facing the same issue to stay healthy at your workplace for a 9-5. 

This is a place where you have no other option but to sit at your desk and perform your tasks daily. It’s a place that restricts your physical movement and thus resulting in weight gain and obesity. It thus becomes very important to follow some amazing healthy habits to keep yourselves fit.

Sitting on your office desk for a longer period of time can result in lower metabolism, it can result in a compromised posture, as well as problems in your spine and joints. 

It thus becomes very important to make sure that even while you are working, you find ways to stay healthy and fit but doing things that not many do. Let me tell you the things that I shall be suggesting in this article are easy to perform and very convenient.

So, let us jump into our 7 amazing ways to stay healthy at your workplace.

1. Keep a healthy snack handy

Crave for food every now and again? Well, it happens when you are under work stress or workload. Your body demands food under stress. And in that case, you dump food in your system which is not needed or is unhealthy. A healthy snack will always come as a boon. They are considered an important part of your diet. 

A healthy snack is something which is low in calories and high in nutrition. Nuts are a great snack for someone who is a working professional. They are easy to carry and consume at your own convenient times. Always keep your portion of daily snack in a small container and carry it to your workplace so that you don’t end up eating more.

Some of the options for a healthy snack are

  • 1 medium apple
  • 1 banana
  • ¼ cup raisins (35 grams)
  • ¼ cup mix dry fruits (35 grams)
  • 1 cup carrots (100 grams)
  • Pumpkin seeds (20 grams)

These are some of the most healthy snacking options which you can carry easily and can be very handy for you to consume in the middle of your working day.

But my personal favorite snack that I love to have during my workday is a cup of cranberry and orange zest. You can find the affiliate link here if in case you chose to buy this amazing snack to munch on to stay healthy at your workplace.

2. Bring your own lunch to stay healthy at your workplace

It is always better to bring your own healthy lunch to your workplace rather than eating out. It is pretty clear that if you are planning to eat out even for a couple of days outside your workplace, that food is certainly not going to be healthy by any means

Why ruin your entire week’s hard work of keeping fit and healthy by eating outside food even for a day. Although, you can for sure do it once in a month if you like. 

Bringing your own lunch can keeps ou healthy at your work[lace is an important
Bring your own lunch

But if you bring your own lunch, you know what your goals and schedules are. This helps you bring your food accordingly. This will not only keep you on course but also make sure that you do not sway away from your regular eating habits.

3. Practice smart computer habits

The biggest fear of staring at a computer or a laptop screen for a long time is the adverse effect on your eyes. It not only exhausts your neck and shoulders but also your back. Always remember to take short breaks, stretch your legs and arms. Keep the blood flowing in all parts of your body. The other thing that can help is to lower your screen’s brightness to an optimal level just so that your eyes can be comfortable. 

You can always use an anti glare and UV rays blocker screen protector for your leaptop or desktop. This will protect your eyes from getting damaged due to constant use of laptop/desktop screens.

Moreover, the ideal sitting position as we like to call it as desk ergonomics is a very important aspect to consider while maintaining health at your workplace.

4. Maintain good posture

Now that you have already learned the basics of practicing smart computer habits, it is time we understand why maintaining a good posture is so important. In order to keep yourself fit and healthy while sitting at your office desk, here are a few simple hacks that you can perform. I like to call them deskercise

Desk ergonomics
Desk ergonomics

In my opinion, this is the best position which should be adopted for your body to stay healthy at your workplace. There are many other ergonomics suggesting 90 degrees between your hip and thigh and your thigh and leg. But for me, I think this is the most comfortable one.

5. The posture perfector

Maintaining a perfect posture is the key for a long day where you can go home without any pain in your neck and shoulders because of sitting on your chair for the entire day. Thus a proper desk ergonomics understanding is of utmost importance.

Now let us see how we can perform some deskercise to keep ourselves away from the pain and stress of the office.

The seated leg raisers

Well, time is tough and we don’t see any pay raises. Why don’t we stick to leg raises then?? Well on a little serious note, let’s say you are sitting on your work chair for about 2 hours now. You might not even feel your legs if you continue any further.

Just free your legs a bit. You don’t even have to get up from your desk. Simple leg raisers can do wonders for your legs and knees. It will stop your legs to get bolted and keep the blood streaming in so that they don’t get numb. Try 2 sets of 8-10 repetitions each.


Let us move to our next move which is the shoulder shrug.

The shoulder shrug

All the gym buffs would know what this means. Simply try raising your shoulders towards your ears and hold for a couple seconds and release. Do this for like 8-10 times. Your shoulders will be relieved of all the strain and the pain. As is seen in the video at TIME

Just don’t do this during a meeting or while giving an important presentation.

The lunch break hammies

Yes, your hamstrings also take a toll when you sit in one place for a longer period of time. You really need to work them from time to time while at your work so that you don’t exhaust them. You don’t want to be going home with a sore leg.

So during your lunch breaks, whenever you can find a couple of minutes’ time, use your office chair and do a standing leg curl. This will help you take care of your hammys. Try with 2 sets of 5 in each leg for a start. This is one very important hack for maintaining your health at your workplace

The cubical wanderer

The word itself is self-explanatory. You know you are going to be in the office for at least 8 hours a day. You are going to be working hard on your desk sitting at one single place. This is going to put a lot of strain on your body, your legs are under the desk for a long time, your knees are bent, your shoulders are stressed along with your neck.

In this case, you would certainly need to take a stroll in the corridors or across different cubicles if that is your workspace.

6. Buy a stress relief toy

This is the best option that can be used at a workplace to reduce stress. Stress relief toys are the best choices these days for many corporate workers. It is their go-to thing. It not only reduces stress, but also helps fight anxiety. So one can try using such similar stress relief toys.

7. The abs squeeze

This is another interesting deskercise which doesn’t take any time out of your watch. All you need to do is take a deep breath, tighten your abdominal muscles, and bring them in towards your spine as you exhale. Hold for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat 5 times. This will keep your abdominal muscles in check while just sitting.

These are my 7 amazing hacks to stay healthy at your workplace if you don’t find enough time to workout. They are easy to perform and can be incorporated in your everyday desk schedules.

Some of these hacks are not just for people who work a 9-5, but also for anyone who has a prolonged working period.

Do this every day and it will surely help you keep pace with your health and fitness goals.

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6 thoughts on “7 amazing hacks to stay healthy at your workplace”

  1. Nicely covered article in a very simple and precise manner.
    some of my suggestions.
    You could included some savoury snacks in your list such as diet bhel, roasted pulses or fox nuts..it adds to the variety of taste.
    In the seating posture it is very important that your feet touches the ground firmly (full flat) while seated on the chair. Dangling feet may induce back pain. I have seen tall people sitting at a very low height and crouching under the table…(readers can google on right desk postures for further details)
    Keep it flowing. All the best.

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